Check in: after 15:00*
Check out: before 11:00*
Cash, Credit Card (Visa,Maestro,Mastercard),deposit in Bank Account
Room cancellation/modification policies:
In case of cancellation 30 days before the arrival the hotel owner is obligated to return the prepayment within 30 days.
In case of cancelation 30 days or less before the arrival the hotel owner is not obligated to return the prepayment.
In case of early departure (cancellation during stay) the customer is obliged to pay 50% of the remaining amount in addition to the days he stayed.
In case of one day stay customer is obligated to pay the total cost of the reservation. 
In case of multiple bookings prepayment concerns each room separately thus in case of cancellation for one or more rooms prepayment cannot be offset with the remaining rooms.
Children/Extra Beds:
Children under the age of 2 years stay for free. The hotel can prvide a baby-cot for free if requested.
Children under the age of 5 years stay for free in case they use the existing beds.
The hotel owner has the right to refuse to provide accommodation if the number of customers that arrive exceed the number of beds booked. In that case, if a room with an extra bed is available the customer is obligated to pay an extra 20% of the initial price of the reservation.
Maximum number of baby-cots per room: 1.
Extra beds cannot be added in the rooms.
Breakfast is served 8:30-10:00 , it is optional and is not included in the price of the reservation unless agreed in writing.
Pets are allowed if previously agreed.

*Changes are due to COVID regulations.